RMA East Tuition Scholarship Program

Range Martial Arts East makes available scholarships for reduced tuition aid to families experiencing financial hardship. Scholarship applications are collected throughout the year, and are reviewed by a committee that includes the school owner and the senior instructors. Applications are reviewed during each testing cycle and are awarded two (2) weeks before the beginning of next cycle (approximately every 13 weeks). Once applications are reviewed, the applicant will be notified of the results by phone, email, or in person at the school.

This program is made possible through the sales of our branded merchandise and the registration fees for events held at our location. Every student, parent, friend, and visitor you see wearing our logo has helped in some way to make this program possible. Recipients of the scholarship are not announced to the public nor to other school members; it is treated as a private matter.

Download the Scholarship Program Application and turn it in to an instructor at the school.