Martial Arts for Ages 4 - 6 Years Old

Purpose of Tiny Tiger Program

There are a number of goals that we have designed our Tiny Tigers program around. With many other activity options for children to play games or compete against each other, we aim for our youngest members learn patience, concentration, self-control, and respect. We want to help youngsters develop and refine motor skills, balance, and confidence while learning martial arts and having a bit of fun with others as well.

The program's development keeps in mind that when the students have grown old enough, they should be ready to join our Tang Soo Do classes. In order to make the transition feel natural, we base our lessons on goals for skills that are used in our martial arts classes like being able to mimic an instructor's demonstration, knowing their left and right, basic terminology, working with others, and the ability to process and follow a sequence of instructions. The drills used in class are targeted at improving one or more of these focused skills in a different way to disguise repetition and try to make it fun.

What Happens During Class

Students start each class by lining up on the floor and going through the same bow-in process that we do for all tang soo do classes in our school. They are then guided through a warm-up routine that uses many of the motions that will be in the drills for the day. Once the warm-up is finished, a drill is introduced to help teach the blocks, strikes, or kicks that are the focus for the class. The instructor then leads a brief chat on a topic related to life skills. The chat is followed up with two or three more drills and a maybe fun skills test. Classes for our Tiny Tigers are held for approximately 40 minutes once a week for each student. Classes happen while other older members have already begun so the students are able to see the skills they are being taught be used by the older students and so they are not overwhelmed in the confusion of arriving or leaving at the same time as everyone else.

When Are Classes?

Our Tiny Tigers program is not in session every week of the year like our other programs. The sessions run for the last portion of our curriculum cycles. Students are then able to participate in the belt graduation ceremony and receive their next rank, show their skills to family and friends, watch the older students demonstrate skills, and get pictures taken with the group and instructors. To see when Tiny Tigers are in sessions, see our Schedule and Calendar.

With this program, there are limited spots available each season. To guarantee your spot in a session, you must talk with an instructor to get the registration information in place while there are open spots. Students that were on a wait list from previous sessions have the first opportunity at spots in a class. The number of classes running will be based on the number of available instructors, assistants, and sign-ups.

For more information, stop in at the school and talk with our instructors!


Our Tiny Tiger program is not currently taking enrollments while we reorganize our school for future seasons after the covid-19 pandemic.


Use the form below to send a message to our instructors to become a student or to get more information in our program!