Come try us for kicks!

Tang Soo Do For Youth

Our youth members (7-12 years old) are taught the same material that our adults members are taught. The program has a number of short-term milestones that are used in the promotion sequence to help keep our youth members on task toward their goal of black belt. This is not a "kids class," it is a class of students who are youth ages. We provide young children with the positive influence of the martial arts to gain the skills necessary to be a future community leader.

With so many other options out there for children to play games or compete, we pledge to help young people learn patience, concentration, humility, self-discipline, self-control, and respect. We intend to enhance the successful lives of children through both personal development and achievement. We stress discipline, respect, self-control, good character, and hard work!

Our class sessions often require a lot of energy and self-control, but we also utilize a variety of fun drills in class. We try to mix things up by also having special sessions for our youth to simply have fun with each other - and their friends from outside our school. We also prepare for and compete in regional tournaments for those that wish to test their skills under pressure and nervousness.

The program is based on attending two classes a week, and offer three possible classes for students. We run a rotating curriculum which allows instructors more overall time with students and the ability to provide more detail as needed. Students are scored on their performance during an 11-week session and two weeks of testing. Scores and promotions are based on individual achievement and milestones. We are a traditional Tang Soo Do school affiliated with the World Tang Soo Do Association and attend events twice a year with other schools from within the region, but we are not a competition-focused school.

It is important to note that the only expectation we have of new students is that they try. We hold no judgement on athletic abilities or personality traits - we've all been there at one point!

What To Expect

Our Tang Soo Do program has a planned path from your first class and beyond. Each cycle has specific goals, drills, and patterns to learn to graduate to the next rank. Following our course plans is generally the goal, but sometimes instructors will address things that need more attention. Cycle and class plans are designed to give students more time learning and practicing specific skills and to allow our instructors more time teaching each of those skills to the students. Our instructors are here to help push you to your fullest potential.

The youth members of the program have a number of additional belts in the ranking structure. These steps allow students more time to better complete milestones in their development as well as better understand the training as a martial artist.

Trial Membership

Our classes are open to the public. Before you or your child can participate in classes, we will have you fill out a registration form. There is no commitment at this point, it is just a way for us to have a signed statement of participation. Once signed, we will allow you to join in class during your trial membership! Many times we allow the first week free of charge, or have offers for extended trial sessions. We do this as a courtesy to all new students to let them decide if martial arts training with us fits their desires. We suggest loose-fitting, light-weight clothing. A t-shirt and sweat pants are common attire for the first few classes (no shorts please). Once your trial membership has expired, if you decide you or your child would like to continue, there are a number of options for enrollment.

First Few Weeks

The first week or two of classes can be a little unsettling to some people that don't have any experience in a Korean martial art. We use Korean commands throughout our classes, and when you don't know what you are doing or what the commands mean, it's easy to become frustrated. Each of us were beginners at one time and we understand and will help you become more comfortable in class. Our instructors will often also use English in class while new students are learning the commands.

After Those First Few Weeks

Quite often, students that have participated in their first few classes may get sore muscles. This is common and many times expected - especially in adults and teens. Individuals that are involved in athletic activities are less likely to have this happen as their bodies are more conditioned to the movements. Don't let this discourage you or your child from training, it is just the body adjusting to something new and becoming stronger. This same thing happens in most physical activities, but you can let us know of your soreness and we can make some suggestions as to how the sore muscles can be helped.


Use the form below to send a message to our instructors to become a student or to get more information in our program!